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KISLOVODSKOYE NARZAN FIELD WATERS are divided into 3 types according to the degree of mineralization and the set of microelements: General Narzan is extracted at the depth of 10-15 m underground and is characterized by low mineralization (up to 2 g/l). It is used mainly for external therapeutic procedures or for drinking. Dolomitic Narzan differs from General Narzan by its higher mineralization of up to 5 g/l (primarily due to the content of sodium ions) and is extracted at the depth of 100-150 m. It is used mainly for drinking treatment: it improves metabolism and speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body. Sulfate Narzan: these mineral waters have the highest mineralization (5.2-6.7 g/l) due to the content of magnesium and sodium sulfates, as well as the presence of active iron. This type of narzan is extracted at a depth of more than 450 meters and has the most pronounced therapeutic effect.

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