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Research and production company "ECOSYNTEZ"

Dietary, sport and health products

In 2017, a group of scientists founded the Scientific and Production Company "ECOSYNTEZ". Our company is engaged in molecular distillation technologies and the creation of new materials. We have created a 100% vegetable, food and enteric casing FITOSHELL®, which is the know-how of our company. For many years of research experience, our own methods of molecular distillation purification of fats and oils have been developed, without the use of chemical components and high temperatures, without changing the structure and healing properties of the product. The research and development company specializes in the production of innovative, environmentally friendly products. The culmination of many years of research and analysis has become an innovative product, the Know-How of Ecosynthesis, under the YAPRIRODA trademark. The founders of the Ecosintez company are the authors of a number of international patents in the field of creating new materials. You can find more detailed information about products, technologies and documentation in the thematic sections of our website.


Research and production company "ECOSYNTEZ"

Turnover (USD)

0 - 10 000

Number of employee



Russia, Moscow

Main kind of products

Dietary, sport and health products

Company establishment date


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