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CJ "Aleyskzernoproduct" named after S.N. Starovoitov

Cereals, pasta and Oils

Aleуskzernoproduсt named after S.N. Starovoitov, CJSC dates back to the launch of a flour mill with 150 tons per day capacity in Aleysk (Altai Territory) on December 17, 1932. Over the past years, the company has taken a leading position among the grain processing companies and has become one of the largest manufacturers of flour milling and feed milling products not only in the Altai Territory, but also at the level of Russia.


CJ "Aleyskzernoproduct" named after S.N. Starovoitov

Turnover (USD)

50 000 - 1 000 000

Number of employee

1000 +


Russia, Aleysk

Main kind of products

Cereals, pasta and Oils

Company establishment date


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