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Manufacturing Company "SAMOBRANKA"

Canned food

«SAMOBRANKA» is a production company that is part of the «BVK-GROUP» holding, which has been one of the leading suppliers of canned food to all regions of the Russian Federation for over 25 years. The total number of assortment items includes more than 100 items, which include traditional canned vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, peas, corn and beans, olives and olives, popular vegetable snacks and pickles, as well as exotic spices. «SAMOBRANKA» started the production of canned vegetables and pickles at its own factory built from scratch in 2019.


Manufacturing Company "SAMOBRANKA"

Turnover (USD)

10 000 000 +

Number of employee



Russia, Dolgoprudny

Main kind of products

Canned food

Company establishment date


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