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LLC "SibPribor"

Dietary, sport and health productsBeveragesInstant meal

Baikal Legend provides a scientific approach to the production of dietary supplements. Baikal Legend uses pure raw materials from the Baikal region that are environmentally friendly. Modern technologies make it possible to preserve and multiply all the valuable properties of raw materials and make it highly efficient and safe. Baikal Legend products can prolong active longevity, increase performance, prolong youtj at the cellular level. BioChaga and BioDihydroquercetin are essential products for everyone who wants to stay active and healthy. BioChaga and BioDihydroquercetin help prevent diseases including cardiovascular, oncological, diabetes and other age-related diseases.


LLC "SibPribor"

Turnover (USD)

50 000 - 1 000 000

Number of employee



RU - Россия, Irkutsk

Main kind of products

Dietary, sport and health products; Beverages; Instant meal

Company establishment date


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