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At first glance, the name "Eight Peaks" is not associated with water, but it was not chosen by chance. Eight can be distinguished among the mountain systems in Russia: the Greater Caucasus, the Ural Mountains, Altai, the Verkhoyansk Range, the Western and Eastern Sayan Mountains, the Chersky Range, the Sikhote Alin. And where there are mountains, there are glaciers - an inexhaustible supply of the purest water, made by nature itself. "EIGHT PEAKS" produces premium natural mineral water. The brand concept allows the production of products in different regions of Russia, for adaptation to market demands in affordable logistics. The brand's team consists of international professionals who work on the high quality of products offered to the buyer. The brand's concept was developed specifically for people who value quality - hence the premium design and unusual bottle shape to stand out on the shelf. The products are presented in the networks of Russia: X5 Perekrestok, Azbuka Vkusa, Your House, Okay. E-commerce: Ozon, Wildberris, Yandex Market, Utkonos. And also, it is already exported to the markets of China and Saudi Arabia.


JSC "Eight peaks"

Turnover (USD)

10 000 000 +

Number of employee



Russia, Moscow

Main kind of products


Company establishment date


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