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Cereals, pasta and Oils

Saratov Pasta Factory is one of the oldest in Russia (it was founded in 1908) and for many decades remains the largest producer of pasta in the Volga region. The factory's products are in constant demand on the consumer market in Russia and neighboring countries. For the production of pasta, we use premium flour from our own mills. Our products are manufactured on high-tech equipment of the companies "Vraibanti" (Italy) and "Buhler" (Switzerland). Thanks to the introduction of new technologies into the production process, the quality of pasta has increased and the volume of manufactured products has increased from 10 thousand tons to 30 thousand tons per year.



Turnover (USD)

1 000 000 - 5 000 000

Number of employee



Russia, Engels

Main kind of products

Cereals, pasta and Oils

Company establishment date


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