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GP Chocolate Fabrique (GlazurProm LLC)


GP Chocolate Fabrique - the largest manufacture of industrial chocolate and confectionary compounds in Russia.Since to 2003 our Company has been taking the leading positions in volumes of sold products for confectionary producers in the Russia market. Our production site is situated in Kaliningradskiy region, town Svetliy. Our never freezing Kaliningrad port enables to carry out shipments during all four seasons. We use cocoa beans and cocoa butter of perfect quality, which is grown in Africa and Asia, premium quality white beet sugar and natural dairy products from European suppliers. We guarantee that we produce high quality product, which is confirmed by the following certificates: GOST R, ISO 22000-2007, FSSC 22000, Halal. We offer four types of raw materials for confectionary producers: - chocolate (dark, milk, caramel, white, sugar free, non-sweet chocolate); - chocolate compounds; - confectionary compounds; - fillings and toppings (for chocolates). One of the our market advantages is an opportunity to produce custom-made production according exclusive recipe.


GP Chocolate Fabrique (GlazurProm LLC)

Turnover (USD)

10 000 000 +

Number of employee



Russia, Kaliningrad

Main kind of products


Company establishment date


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