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Dietary, sport and health products

Production Association «GERMEN» develops and produces healthy food. Currently, GERMEN are produces products based on ingredients obtained by using sublimation technology or FREEZE-DRYING (FD). This technology preserves natural taste and up no 95% of vitamines and other useful nutrients of feedstock row. FD technology allows produce the natural products of high quality. «GERMEN» has own production facility in Moscow Region. It is equipped with modern equipment and it operates according to the highest standards of quality. The company state has a division of technologists who develop recipes for new products and monitoring the observance of technology at all stages of production. Candies produces by «GERMEN» company – are unique products and have no analogues in Russia.



Turnover (USD)

10 000 - 50 000

Number of employee



Russia, Ramenski distr., Panino vil.

Main kind of products

Dietary, sport and health products

Company establishment date


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